Amp Handle

I finally got the t-nuts I needed to move the amp handle from the shell of a trashed Fender Stage Lead II to the side of my jury rigged 2×12 speaker cabinet.

My goal for this 2×12 speaker cabinet is to be able to have it sit on its bottom (horizontal) or its side (vertical) depending on how much space I want it to take up. With a second handle, I can now carry it in a vertical or horizontal position.

I also added rubber feet to the bottom and side. Whoever originally owned the Raven RG100 that became my 2×12 speaker cabinet had put some Ernie Ball removable wheels on it, but they had removed the rubber feet to put the removable wheel sockets into the amp. I know this because I did a very similar thing to my Peavey TNT 130 bass amp. Before the Raven was trashed, someone had removed all the wheel hardware.

The main problem I had was finding rubber feet that would allow enough clearance so I could stack this speaker cabinet on top of another one and still clear the handle on the other amp/cabinet. With shipping and tax, it was going to cost me $10 to get 4 rubber feet. I think I’ve mentioned before that my goal with this speaker box is to put as little money into it as possible, which means using what I’ve already got.  So I took the 1/4 inch rubber feet and then added another 1/4 inch of washers left over from the kids’ swing set…and it works!

Everything went back together just fine. One of these days I’ll spray paint the bare plywood black, as well as the formerly chrome handle side mounts. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll someday figure out how to remove the Raven logo and put something of my own in it’s place!


2 thoughts on “Amp Handle

    • Thanks! I saw that from your comment on one of my older posts and I also took those screws off when I originally took everything apart, but the logo seems to be glued on as well. I could probably pry it off, but I’ve been feeling lazy! 🙂 Thanks!

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