Organ and Guitar…Again!

My local radio station played James Howard’s “House of the Rising Sun” the other morning while I was on my way into work. He did a great job! What really caught my attention was the basic arrangement of the organ with his guitar on top. I couldn’t find a youtube video of it, but his website has a sample of it. And his myspace page has the whole song!

Here’s his rendition of Amazing Grace that is very similar.

I know, I know. I seem to post a lot about organ sounds. Perhaps I should just learn to play one and not keep fixating on the Electro Harmonix POG2 effects pedal.

But I won’t. I’m not even learning to play the guitar very well, let alone the organ.


3 thoughts on “Organ and Guitar…Again!

  1. I was just listening to World Cafe (on NPR) the other day and they were interviewing Stever Cropper. He started talking about Stax Studios and eventually this lead into talking about Booker T. Then they cut over to an interview with him and talked about Green Onions. This is all a very roundabout way of me saying that I’d forgotten that the organ can be cool.

    • Organ can be very cool! Just the other day I read the Premier Guitar magazine article about Steve Cropper (he has a new album coming out, which is probably why he was on NPR too). They asked him about Booker T and Green Onions. I thought the same thing!

      When I think of the organ as an instrument I also always think of one summer day when I entered my step-grandfather’s home in California to find him playing polkas and stuff on his organ. He had the internal drum machine going and was singing at the top of his deep, baritone voice. It disturbed me at the time, but thinking back, I have great respect for his musical talent. I still regret not being in a position to accept his massive home organ after he passed away. We were living in a small apartment that probably wasn’t structurally sound enough for it and we couldn’t afford the cost of getting it or having it delivered. I hope whoever ended up with it is playing it just like he did. Loud and joyfully!

  2. The song the house of the rising sun is public domain. the most famous version was done by eric burdon and the animals. if you enjoy that song you should go to reverb nation and check out daboogiemen from texas. our version is well worth listening to. send us a comment and enjoy.

    art daboogiemen

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