Headstock Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I often think about what guitars look like and what I like from all the different guitars out there. I’ve always wondered what parts of the headstock are really necessary. There are lots of odd headstocks (just look at most metal guitars) out there.

However most headstocks fall into 3×3 Gibson or 6 inline Fender.

The 4×2 from Musicman was really one of the first headstocks that showed me it could be different.

But I thought it was too small. My Teisco Del Rey K-3L headstock looks very cool in my opinion.

And I remember a series of articles in Vintage Guitar Magazine on British made guitars that had very elongated headstocks. Before that I saw a guy play one at a show. It was just him, his odd guitar, a vintage portable turntable with built in speaker, and a record of noise.  He plugged right into the turntable and sang very odd lyrics that matched his odd guitar. It was great!

And if you’re going to use the standard Fender headstock, do something cool to it like this:

I even have a Firebird 6 inline headstock on my Warmoth strat.

I remember seeing a video of the Collective Soul’s guitarist and he had some eye catching headstock on it.

When I saw the Parker Fly headstock, I knew it could be different, but still to my tastes.

I just worried about how structurally sound any of my ideas were. Well, not the ideas themselves. Most of my ideas are not very structurally sound. But if I actually cut out some of the middle of a standard Fender headstock, could it still hold up to the pressure and tension of the strings?

Apparently!  Thanks to Guitarz for showing me the light!

2 thoughts on “Headstock Inspiration

  1. the fender headstock sets at such an angle that it is structurally sound. gibson les pauls are prone to breakage due to the angle of the headstock as are gibson firebirds. if you want to check out odd headstocks you should check out burns guitars specifically burns bison. enjoy don’t stop experimenting.


    • Interesting. Is it because of the lack of angle on the fender headstocks or the lack of volute on the gibson les paul and firebird headstocks?
      Those Burns guitar headstocks are great! The scroll headstock would take some getting used to, but they are awesome. Vintage Guitar magazine had a series of articles on Burns guitars a few years ago that was very in depth and very fascinating. If you’re not already familiar with it, try to get a copy. It ran over a couple of months if I remember correctly.

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