Olympia Arts Walk 2011

Just got back from a fun evening with my wife (and without children) wandering around downtown Olympia, WA for their semi-annual ArtsWalk. For those of you not familiar with this event, Olympia’s downtown shops turn into art galleries. For example, a shoe store will have landscape paintings hanging in front of the shoe racks. A hair salon will have a jazz trio playing next to the shampoo station. And the local guitar shop has a revolving cast of rock and roll bands playing their front entrance!

Not only was there great art, delicious food, and pleasant weather (with only a few minutes of standard greater northwest sprinkles), but I finally got the see my very helpful and very friendly guitar tech from the local guitar shop play guitar. He was great! The rest of the band was pretty good, but when he would start to solo, the songs became something more. He played with depth and nuance. It was really cool!

Plus I saw what I think is a Teisco Del Rey Spectrum 2 (ET-220) guitar inside the shop that I will be checking out in the near future!


One thought on “Olympia Arts Walk 2011

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