Thank You Epiphone

A while back my wife and I watched the My Chemical Romance performance in Valencia, Spain on TV.

It was pretty good, but what really caught my eye was the guitar the rhythm guitar player used the entire performance. It looked like a cross between an Epiphone Crestwood and an Epiphone Wilshire. I thought it was a Crestwood because it had dual humbuckers instead of mini-humbuckers, but it didn’t have the “bat-wing” headstock I expected from the latest Epiphone reissue or the classic vintage instrument I expected from a big rock star who could afford any guitar he wanted.  Plus it only had two knobs, a selector switch, and something weird where the selector switch should be.

Turns out, Epiphone is offering a new signature guitar for Frank Iero that is a cross between a Wilshire and Les Paul Elitist called the Phant-o-matic.  Don’t know about the name. And that weird little button on the bottom horn of the guitar is a kill switch.

I have an Epiphone Crestwood ET-275 from around 1975 that I absolutely love. Compared to the Epiphone reissues of the Wilshire (and a lot of other guitars), my Crestwood is so much better for me. The feel of the neck, the weight of the body, the fact that the horns don’t dig into my body like an SG, the easy controls, the cool headstock, etc.

Now admittedly, I’d like to add a hard tail Wilshire/Crestwood to my collection. And I don’t know how much the new MCR signature guitar is going to cost ($499 right now). And I haven’t played one, so I don’t know if it will feel as good as my guitar (probably won’t). But it is nice to see a lot of the things I love about my guitar coming out on a new production guitar. It’s good stuff!


2 thoughts on “Thank You Epiphone

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