Electric Lesson

Due to some last minute schedule changes we had our guitar lesson at my house…which meant we got to plug into guitar amps and play loud!

Well, not too loud. We’re still learning chords and single string songs which isn’t as fun to play loud. But it was still fun.

And for me, the best part was turning up the gain on my Frenzel Super Champ Sportster, turning down the master volume to a somewhat comfortable level, and then play Back in Black for my students.

I waited till we were done with the lesson, and I only played the rhythm guitar part. I love playing the electric guitar. I love hearing the tone of a good amp and a good guitar. I love how it all comes together.

I did have to laugh at how I had to readjust all the knobs on my Warmoth project guitar. The two volume knobs had been turned all the way down and the stacked tone knobs were way off from where I usually have them. My son has been messing with it, but not damaging it, so I can’t complain.  Also, the Triple Shot pick up ring configuration selectors were not set right for what I wanted to play. And yet I was able to dial it all in fairly quickly. This surprised me, but made me very happy. At first I thought it was just me playing poorly until I took a moment to focus on my tone rather than on my students. Then I was able to quickly go back to their playing. It worked like it is supposed to: a combination of good tools and some knowledge of the possibilities.

A nice evening overall. I hope they had a good time too!


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