Fun Song To Learn/Teach

I think I’ve posted before (but once again am too lazy to look for it) about playing the song Back In Black!

The internet provides so many resources. I am amazed by how much is out there. Here‘s the same song with tab and midi so you can change the tempo and play along. I sometimes forget how people learned songs before the explosion of the internet.

Not only is learning/lessons more readily available, but it can even be used for playing together. I mentioned in the past that my sister wants to start up the guitar again. So we’re going to use Skype to video chat and play together…when we’re on different sides of the country!

Plus I read all the time about artists recording their parts of a song and then sending it electronically to the other members of the band who then record their parts. Amazing!

Now I’ll admit that playing live with people is difficult to improve upon, but it isn’t always feasible. But most guitar players are usually working alone in the bedroom most of the time anyway, so any chance to work with others is a good thing!

How do you use the internet (for guitar stuff)?


One thought on “Fun Song To Learn/Teach

  1. The internet has revolutionised the world of guitar; for me at least. Being able to see demos of really cool gear, even from tiny boutique builders, that my local guitar store would never stock.

    I’ve really enjoyed being involved in global recording collaborations. With something like Dropbox, all sharing the same project file becomes a piece of cake (with careful version control and someone in the “producer” role).

    I’ve experimented with NinJam for playing along with friends on every continent except Antartica. I think you might face problems with Skype. The latency/lag is just a bit too much to be able to play together. Worth a go, but if you get stuck then check out NinJam.

    Forums like TDPRI where you ask the most obscure question and get an answer within minutes.

    And then the lessons! Not just how to play almost ever song you’ve ever heard, but how to maintain and repair your guitar, to set up your FX and amp, even how to build guitars. Without the internet I’d have never plucked up the courage to tackle my own build, and nor had the knowledge available to help me complete it.

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