Priority Concern

KC and I go to the same church. He came up to me afterwards and asked, “Is it a bad sign if my son and I were later for church because we were playing our guitars?”

We laughed and agreed that it was not a bad sign. They were working on a song together and really enjoying playing together.  So they left their house a bit late.

I was particularly pleased to hear that Son of KC is playing more now that he has his Star Wars guitar (they are calling it the Darth Vader Guitar). KC said that asking Son of KC to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on a single string seemed silly to his son at first, but once he started playing it and could figure it out on his own, it just opened up his eyes to what he was learning. He could play a song all the way through, even if it was a “silly kid’s song.”

My next lesson with them will be the chords for Twinkle, Twinkle so they can take turns playing the single string and the chords. Then we’ll go back to Ring of Fire and then start up Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method Book 1!

But the whole event does raise the question, what should our priorities be? Church/religion can be a huge priority in people’s lives. So can learning something new. Don’t forget quality time with family members. There are so many ways to look at this. Any words of advice on how to evaluate one’s priorities? How do you focus on the important things (and determine what things are important)?


4 thoughts on “Priority Concern

  1. Ooooh now that is a tough question! I try and separate my time out into four “piles”, self, family, community/friends and work. I try and keep them in a reasonable balance (that doesn’t mean each gets 25%). It may sound selfish but I prioritise them in that order too. If I’m not looking after my own well-being then I’m of no use to my family, ditto with family and community and community and work.

    The best tip I followed (a couple of years ago) is to strip away things from your life that don’t add value to one of those four categories. I’ve almost totally stopped watching TV. It frees up a phenomenal amount of time to do interesting and worthwhile stuff like… er… reading and commenting on blog posts. 😉

    • That is good advice. Nothing like reading and commenting on the internet… One of the things I recently read (maybe it was from a lifehacker link or something) that resonated with me was the difference between a goal list, a project list, and a to do list. I was mixing all three into one massive and overwhelming list, which actually prevented me from getting things done. So now I’ve created three separate lists, using the goal list and the project list to make a better to do list of tasks that can be done. The tasks need to be single items and doable. Instead of “clean up email” I now say , “delete old email after putting the sender’s contact info into address book.”
      TV is another very interesting draw on your time. I still watch TV, but have become very picky with what shows I spend my time on. And that’s how I think of it. I’m spending time on this show, is it worth it. Another thing my wife and I have recently done is committed to not just watching TV at the end of the day out of habit, but to actually decide what we are going to do each evening. TV is just one option. When we choose it, that is ok, but when we just do it out of habit or with no real purpose (i.e. entertainment), then it is a waste of time.
      Thanks for your comment! Anyone else?

  2. I like your comments about choosing to watch TV opposed to watching it out of habit. I get paralyzed by what I like to call the Veruca Salt Paradigm. I want things immediately without investing the time necessary to accomplish it; then I get discouraged because I end up sucking at whatever “it” is.

    That doesn’t really address the priorities issue. Not really sure what to say, but I enjoyed your post.

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