Star Wars Guitar Finished

It is done. Not only is it done, but it actually works! And it is now in the possession of its true owner, 8 year old Son of KC. Congratulations to him on a great guitar build!  Well done!

For those of you who read yesterday’s blog entry, you may be wondering how it went from no electrical amplification to lots of electrical amplification. Very simple. I used my trouble shooting skills and fixed it.

Not that there was much to do. It was just a matter of figuring out what was causing the problem.

First of all, I set a big constraint on how I was going to do this. I did not want to ruin the new set of strings I just put on the guitar last night. I know, not the end of the world, but they were the last set of 9’s I had. I set up all my guitars with 10’s, but this guitar needs 9’s for the small fingers of its owner.

So, I loosened the strings and put a capo on them.

Then I took the bridge off (took the springs off and undid the screws now that the strings were loose). It stayed over at the side for the entire project and was ready to go back on when I was done.

I don’t remember where exactly I first saw this. Maybe it was the repair guy at one of my local guitar stores. Or maybe it was the internet. If I’m doing something horrible to the guitar, let me know because this worked so well that I will likely do it again (unless I hear from you dear reader!).

After that, I loosened the neck screws enough so I could pull up on the neck and get the pickguard off.

Then I used an ohm meter to test all the connections. I finally figured out it was the 5 way pick up selector switch that was mucked up and not allowing a connection. So I covered everything with towels and sprayed Deox-It inside. I worked the switch a bunch and then sprayed a bit more to flush it. Then I did the same with the pots just to be safe. This stuff is great IMHO, but I know some people don’t like it. I believe it can do bad things to a guitar finish, so be careful when using it. It can be messy!

Anyway, eventually the 5 way switch will need to be replaced, but it will be good for quite a while. Maybe another spray in a month or two…or six.

I was then able to put everything back together, check the set up again (which needed very minimal fine tuning which was probably due to the new strings more than being taken apart). However, I did not take a picture of the final guitar. I’ll get that when I see Son of KC again!


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