Wiring Reminder

If you’re like me (and you have my sincerest sympathies  if you are), then you need the occasional reminder of just how guitars are wired up so they actually work.

Thanks to a quick google search, here are two quick pics for remembering how to wire up a jack from Guitar Nucleus.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I finished putting the Star Wars guitar together. I set the intonation, string height, pick up height, truss rod, etc., so it seems to be pretty good. For some reason I waited until the very end to actually plug it in to my amp. It was late. The kids were already asleep. I’d been watching tv with my wife while I worked on the guitar. Whatever reason, it was very disappointing to get it all together and set up only to have it not work when I plugged it in.

That’s right, it did NOT work. No sound. Nothing.

I fiddled with it. I tested my headphone amp (a Digitech RP200) on another guitar, which worked fine. Finally, I decided it would have to wait until morning.

Then I proceeded to spend the entire rest of the night reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Very enjoyable book. Especially for my age demographic. A fun read and worth being exhausted for fencing the next day.


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