Star Wars Project Pics

So here are some pictures of the Star Wars Guitar body. Pretty cool!

And the back is all space ships!


2 thoughts on “Star Wars Project Pics

    • I consider myself to be an assembler of guitars. I have not successfully built something from raw materials. I have day dreamed about doing guitar repair or something related on a more regular basis, but this will merely remain a hobby. Maybe after the kids are out of the house or my wife has finished her master’s degree or we’ve determined some other method to become independently wealthy without actually working for it!
      I will say that a regular reader of this blog (and someone whose blog I follow very closely) is kind of my ideal future self. I don’t know if he’s retired, a full time luthier, or anything elase about his personal life, but I know he’s much better at this guitar repair/fixing/playing stuff than I am and is very happy to share his love of it with anyone. Thanks damacleod. You give me something to aspire to!

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