EC’s White Strat Project

I mentioned before that my friend, EC, who asked me to fix a bunch of his guitars and, more importantly for this post, upgrade his late 80’s Squire strat. I finally took apart the strat to see what we have to work with.

The original white body has faded a lot when you compare it to the paint that has been under the pick guard. Very vintage without looking “relic’d.” One of EC’s goals was to have another friend strip the paint and refinish it in some sort of clear or light tint wood stain. But when I got it apart I found these layers on the inside.

I am by no means an expert, but doesn’t that mean this is a plywood body? I could be wrong (and hope I am), but I don’t think refinishing this guitar with a clear or light tint is going to work very well. Here’s another picture to get your opinions.

Let me know what you think.

But since I am pretty sure refinishing the guitar as originally desired is out of the question I started looking for other strats that meet the other upgrade goals…mainly gold hardware.

Drum role please!

It’s David Gilmour’s #0001 strat. I don’t know who to give credit to on the picture, but EC agrees that this is the new target. Although the bridge will likely be upgraded to a two post blade pivot style and the tuning machines will be locking with sealed gears. Hopefully it will be a real player when we’re done with it!


5 thoughts on “EC’s White Strat Project

  1. Yep, definitely plywood. I’ve got exactly the same body (in red), from a similar period, sitting not 2 yards away from me.

    I bought a good condition, solid wood, second hand Strat body in the colour I wanted for less than the cost of the paint. Just one to bear in mind before you take on the job.

    Of course, if you want the experience of learning how to finish a body, then by all means take the opportunity, but bear in mind that, after a lot of hard work, there’ll still be a plywood body underneath your lovely paint job.

    BTW: The one I did is currently on loan to a local pro player and is keeping his original ’65 Strat and Custom Shop Voodoo Strat in their cases. Those early Squier necks really are that good.

    • Thanks for the confirmation. After I posted my wife saw the body and exclaimed her surprise that it was a plywood body. I guess I’m the only one who wasn’t sure!

      I think someday he’ll want to buy a second hand Strat body, but I wasn’t going to be the one who refinishes the body anyway. I’m happy to say that the idea of creating a Gilmour inspired white start with gold hardware has made it much easier for EC to come to terms with not refinishing the body now. And I’m really excited because I think it will look really cool when we’re done!

      Always nice to hear your work is being appreciated! I think of my Wolverine guitar in much the same way. It started life as a cheap Peavey Predator and now it plays so much better. I had to reshape the neck and upgrade everything (still haven’t done the pick ups yet), but it is a great guitar (and will hopefully get better when I finally upgrade the pick ups!

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