Worth It?

Is it worth selling a bass amp, modeling guitar amp, acoustic amp, and maybe a guitar to purchase some very well priced Carvin powered PA speakers, a few DI boxes, and upgrades to my remaining tube electric guitar amp?

I’d have less gear piling up, a better guitar amp, and the ability to still power a band without any additional money from the family budget. I’d get a DI box for the bass and one for my acoustic guitar. Vocals and keyboard can go directly into the board. Drums are loud enough for practice. If there was ever a gig it would be a simple matter of renting a powered subwoofer from my local guitar shop and some extra mics for my electric guitar amp and the drums.

Plus, if I stay frugal, I could buy most of the parts I still need for my maple tele project.

It is tempting, but is probably just a pipe dream. But I’m still thinking about it. Input is appreciated!

Update: I mentioned this in the comments below, but the PA speakers in question sold in a matter of hours…and not to me! Someone will enjoy them, I’m sure.


4 thoughts on “Worth It?

  1. Of course only you can decide the relative worth of these things, but in your position I’d consider selling the guitar amps before selling the bass amp. For small to medium club gigs you’d do better with an acoustic drumkit, bass into the bass amp, electric guitars through an amp sim into PA, acoustic instruments via DI to the desk, mics plugged straight in.

    The small or mid-range PAs, even with an additional sub, don’t do as well with bass as would a dedicated amp IMO.

    • I wondered about the effectiveness of the bass amp compared to such a small PA. I really appreciate the advice. I’m still very much on the fence for any of it. I’ll keep you posted!

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