Neck Dents

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here before (and I’m too lazy to do a search), but I have an old, very worn fender strat style guitar neck. It’s finish is pretty much worn away by the original owner. The rosewood fretboard has a few dents. The frets have some gouges and scratches in them from where ever it was stored without strings.

My friend, KC (the father in the father/son duo in my class), has been kind enough to try to sweat out the dents in the fretboard. He said it didn’t work (“Rosewood is hard!”), but used a different method to get the dents out.

Sorry I didn’t think to take any before and after pictures. You’ll just have to imagine what a nice job KC did!

Next step? Get up the courage to follow damacleod’s example to route pick ups, controls, and neck pocket in my tele body blank!


One thought on “Neck Dents

  1. Start playing about routing cavities into pieces of scrap timber and you’ll have all the courage you need – in fact once you’ve cracked it you’ll need holding back – you’ll be looking to rout holes in everything!

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