Stringing a Floyd Rose Style Bridge

I have never used, let alone strung, a floyd rose style bridge. The Ibanez RG350dx comes with the Edge III locking bridge and nut, so I’m hoping that by following this video, I’ll be able to string the guitar and get it all tuned up and get the intonation, string height, etc. perfect in time for my friend’s anniversary. I’ll also use a general guitar repair manual I’ve got that has a few pointers as well.

Here’s a helpful video I used as a reference point.

Stringing the guitar was easier than I thought. I was actually able to do it in my office during my lunch break. I took all the tools I needed and started clipping the balls off the end of the strings so they could be clamped down in the bridge (I totally understand the simplicity of the Steinberger double ball string system now). I started with the low E string. It went fairly well, but when I tried to strum it, the string was pressed against the frets. I think this guitar was reverse wound for a lefty. The bridge was at the opposite angle of what you would suspect. Low on the bass end and high on the treble end. So I used my 3mm allen wrench to fix it, strung up the rest of the strings and tried to get it in tune.

Then came the painful process of getting the bridge to float. The screws holding in the springs were screwed almost entirely in to the body. I started with 3 turns of each screw, but I had to unscrew them quite a bit to get the bridge to start to level out. It isn’t perfect, but I ran out of lunch break.

I’m just happy to have it all together. I’ll fine tune it over the next few days as the strings stretch and I have more time. I will say that the warped pick guard isn’t in the way of the strings but my pick hits it a lot more than on my guitars that don’t have a warped pick guard.

Actually, none of my guitars with pick guards have warped pick guards. You know what I mean. It may need to get replaced sooner rather than later, but I’ll let that be his call.


2 thoughts on “Stringing a Floyd Rose Style Bridge

  1. An interesting job. I’ve played a few Floyd Rose (and similar) equipped guitars but never had to set one up. I’m definitely bookmarking this post for future reference. Thanks.

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