Vicarious Guitar

Now that I’ve had the chance to take a few pictures, here is the vicarious guitar purchase…otherwise known as “the gift.”

This is what it looked like without any work. Not bad. There are a few minor nicks in the paint, but nothing bad for a used guitar.

There were basically three “problems” with this guitar (other than needing strings).

  1. Missing locking block for the low E string on the bridge.
  2. No trem arm.
  3. Warped pickguard.

I was able to pick up an individual locking block at my local guitar store, which is nice because this is the Ibanez Edge III bridge and it has custom parts. Everyone wants to have proprietary parts. Why can’t all Floyd style bridges use the same parts?!? My local shop had it in stock and for less than a dollar!

Another local guitar shop had a silver trem arm in their box of used trem arms. Wow! After digging through their box of arms I realize just how many guitars without trem arms are out there. I know that the recipient of this guitar will want a black one, but the guitar tech said I could bring it back when the new owner is ready to order a new black one.

Finally, the warped pick guard is not worth replacing at this point. A new one is at least $40 according to the internet and the current one doesn’t actually block any of the strings. And knowing how the recipient likes to make stuff, he’ll probably make one to replace this warped one.

Now I just need to string it up, do a proper set up, and make sure everything is still in working order after I’ve done some work on it.


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