Nick Names

I have some recurring people in my guitar life, but it has got to be a little frustrating as a reader to figure out who I’m talking about when my limited creativity simply refers to everyone as “my friend.”

So, dear readers, I ask you, would nick names be helpful, distracting, or simply a bettter way to show my poor ability to be creative?

So far, my children are (or at least should be referred to as) Girl and Boy. My wife has always been “my wife,” but that is boring and she is certainly NOT boring. There’s my friend who wants me to build the military insignia guitar. There’s also the father and son duo in my pseudo guitar class. There’s the teenage girl who wants to trade babysitting for guitar lessons. The friend who is letting me fix up all his guitars. Guys who regularly help me at the local guitar shops. And don’t forget the members of the Breakfast Club. Oh, and Her Lovely Trees is another one, but I don’t know if she actually uses her blog anymore and she may not like her self-created nick name.

Comments? Thoughts? Ideas?


4 thoughts on “Nick Names

  1. “my wife” is fine. Boring is ok with me. I’m glad you aren’t using other descriptive words that I’m sure are more fitting.

  2. I agree with everyone else, but I do love the way Angry Baker uses nicknames. I think they’re fun. But I think for you the first comment is more suitable for you, more your style.

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