Now Open

The first two guitar repair projects arrived from my friend’s collection. I am very excited. One is a complete overhaul of his first guitar. It’s a late 80’s Squier strat. He wants the thing gutted. New tuners, new pick ups, new pots, new switch, new bridge, new everything.

The other is a Fender super tele with set neck and dual humbucker pick ups. He described it as having a short in the jack. I’ll do a complete test and see if it is just some soldering.

Exciting stuff!


2 thoughts on “Now Open

  1. Pictures of the Strat? I refurbed one earlier this year and it is now one of the nicest Strats I’ve ever picked up. So where are you going for the new hardware?

    • No pictures yet. I took some, but they were so out of focus because of low light and my shaky hands that they weren’t worth posting. I’ll get some up soon when I have better light (the flash just washes out the details).

      And of course I remember the strat you refurbished! This job should just be the electronics, but we’ll see where the owner wants to go.

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