More Vicarious Guitar Shopping

The wife (and now bass player) of the father in my beginner guitar class contacted me about getting a guitar for her husband. She has a very limited budget and is putting all her faith in me. Her husband has already been to the local guitar shop and expressed interest in some super strat Ibanez guitars, so that is where I started my search. I quickly found an Ibanez RG350dx just barely out of her price range. I think he would love it and online reviews show it is a decent guitar (although I’m a little intimidated by the locking floyd rose tremolo system).

I also did the requisite search for strat starter packs and found three within 5 miles with amps and accessories for under $100. So I provided her with both options (Ibanez or strat starter pack) and will wait to hear from her. Why is guitar shopping always so much fun?!?


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