Other Pedal Project – Tap Tempo

While shopping at our local thrift store, I also found a great metal enclosure for my tap tempo switch for my Boss DD7 Digital Delay. I could use the internal tap tempo, but I really like having the external one since I find it easier to use.

The nice thing is that this entire project cost me the 99 cents I spent on the enclosure. I used an old 1/4 jack and the SPST switch that was originally on the feedback pedal I got for my other project. So all I had to do was empty out the original contents, drill the hole on top to the right size (it was a bit too small), install the two parts, and solder them together.

Getting the inside emptied was easy, but I ran into problems with the drilling. The metal casing is not aluminum and my 1/4 inch paddle drill bit did not carve a nice hole in the case like it did on the aluminum case for my effects loop pedal. It ended up just bending and twisting the metal. So I used tin snips to cut the jagged edges off and then a round file to get rid of the sharp edges.  It took more work than I expected, but now everything is in there and soldered together as it should be.

You can see it on the bottom left of the picture.

And once again, it works! It actually controls the tempo of the Boss DD7 delay effect. Very cool!


3 thoughts on “Other Pedal Project – Tap Tempo

    • Absolutely! I was a bit giddy when I found it since most of the metal boxes I’ve found in the past have been too big to be realistic. This one is still a bit big for a tap tempo box, but it is working out very well!

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