Conservative Chaos

Maybe there is already a band with this name, but my wife used it to describe some music we were listening to and it just stuck in my head. Maybe I should do a google search or something to see if it’s already been used. Maybe it would just be a song title. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving it away here. Maybe I should find a band to play in that would actually use the name.

I also did not go to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion concert in Seattle tonight. JSBX is one of my favorite bands of all time. It just is. I don’t know all the songs by heart. I don’t listen to them all the time.  But they are. I hope for those who attend the show tonight that it is a great one!

I did watch the Foo Fighters documentary “Back and Forth.” It was fun. I recommend it.

Oh, and don’t look up “Conservative Chaos” via google. It’s already been used…for a lot of different things.

Maybe it will be the name of a song…



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