Mod Dilemma Solved

Is anything every truly solved? Especially when we’re talking about guitar equipment?

I thought not.

Thanks to a few productive google searches, the internet has provided.

Rather than destroy the feedback pedal I got for cheap (and am having second thoughts about cannibalizing), I found instructions online for how to modify an effects loop pedal to add a feedback loop. While the purpose of the instructions were to go from effects loop to feedback/effects loop pedal, it isn’t very hard to go from feedback to feedback/effects loop pedal! This way I get to keep the feedback capabilities of the pedal and have the effects loop capabilities I originally wanted…all with the flip of a switch. (Thanks Beavis Audio Research)

I just had to find a switch.

So I went to the two junk guitar amps I got from dumpster diving and found a little channel selector sliding switch on the Fender Stage  Lead II that I had started taking apart last week. This is exactly why I got it. I figured I’d use switches and parts off of it for other projects.

I then used a pencil and paper to make a rubbing of the original holes for the switch and it’s screws. I then used an sharp razor blade to cut out the square and two screw holes. Then I used a permanent marker with my cut out as a stencil to place the switch. I don’t have the ability to cut a square in the aluminum casing so I drilled two holes at either end of the square and then used little files to connect the two holes and make it a rectangle. I tested the rectangular hole for fit with the switch and then drilled the two screw holes for the screws that will hold the switch in place. And it actually worked!

I’m also adding an LED light indicator and a 9v power supply plug. Unfortunately the existing hole where I want to put the LED was slightly too big, so I added a washer. And the 9v power supply plug is bigger than my biggest drill bit. I have a 1/4 inch drill bit, but it’s for wood, not metal. I may get impatient and try it anyway.

Here’s what it looks like so far with the switch installed and the 9v power supply plug next to where I will put it.

I’ll wire it up when I have some more time.


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