Mod Dilemma

I have a dilemma. I made some past purchases of parts for two projects. I bought a 3DPDT foot switch, LED bulb, and other miscellaneous parts for an effects loop footswitch. This was originally going to be a way to bring in my Digitech RP200 into my signal chain without the tone suck for when I don’t want to use it (attempt to use it for a POG2 organ type effect or a Whammy effect). Plus I could throw other effects into it if I wanted to have a second effects loop to switch to during a song. It just seems like a good idea.

Then I found a feedback pedal for an insanely low price in a bin of parts junk at a parking lot sale. I’ve experimented with the effects loop, but don’t really play music (or have the ability) to really manipulate this type of effects pedal.

My original plan was to use an old radar detector box for the effects loop. Then I found the feedback pedal. So I planned to rewire the feedback pedal to be an effects loop pedal (just change the switch to the 3PDT, add the LED indicator light, and wire it appropriately so it was true bypass). I would then use the feedback loop’s original foot switch as the tap tempo switch for my new Boss DD7 digital delay pedal. I already have an extra jack so it would be pretty easy to make.

I’ve got all the parts to make both these pedals: the effects loop pedal and the tap tempo pedal. But it is hard for me to cannibalize the feedback pedal…even though I don’t use it right now. What if I want to use it in the future? What if it could become an integral part of “my sound” as I grow as a guitarist (even if that growth is very slow)? Should I just take pictures of the current feedback pedal and keep detailed blueprints so I can rebuild it if I want a feedback pedal? Am I just being sentimental? It is just stuff. I will use it more in the new configuration and purchased it for this specific purpose. Am I just having problems with commitment? Should I use the radar detector box to make a two independent effects loops pedal? I’d have to buy two more jacks, one more 3PDT foot switch, and a new foot switch for the tap tempo pedal.

What do you think?


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