Military Insignia Guitar Project – Neck Quest

For lunch on Monday I met with my friend at one of our local guitar stores. He’s retired and enjoyed mocking me about my time constraints, but it was good natured. He also showed me his military insignia that he wants on the guitar. It’s actually pretty straight forward…except that he has a whole bunch of pins that he wants to be fret markers set in the fretboard. Woah. That’s more than a bit outside my comfort zone.

But I remain undaunted. I have another friend who is willing to help me. The guy who painted my 1968 Teisco Del Rey metallic green. If it doesn’t work, it isn’t the end of the world. But it would look cool!

Anyway, we went through the guitar store and had the difficult task of trying out guitar necks. It was interesting to see how my friend started to understand the different necks. He tried to describe to me what he liked and didn’t like in each neck. Then I’d try the guitar and try to repeat back what I understood from his earlier discussion.

We spent most of our time on Fender guitars, but finally found a real winner (and as a result I had a flash of G.A.S. Why not purchase said neck to model his neck profile after? That would be perfect…).

Thanks to Sweetwater, here are some great pics of the Squier Classic Vibe Custom telecaster.

The neck won’t feel exactly the same when I’m done with it, but it will be better than what it feels like now!

As for the inlays…we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Military Insignia Guitar Project – Neck Quest

    • I know! They are just too much temptation right now.

      Of course even if I got one, I’d want to replace the tuners, the bridge, and the pick ups as soon as possible. And I’d probably get rid of the rectangle neck plate with one of those American Deluxe curved neck plates and shaving down one corner outside of the neck pocket. So $379 for the guitar, $70 for tuners, $150 or more for pick ups, $50 or more for a bridge, and…actually that’s not bad for a really great guitar. And I could wait on upgrading parts… maybe one part at a time… Oh man! I’ve got to stop this train. đŸ™‚

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