Military Insignia Guitar Project begins

I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’m finally getting started on my friend’s guitar project. I’ll be taking a strat body, a Guitar Fetish neck, and all the parts off a starter pack Behringer guitar to make a playable guitar for my friend.

The key to his project is refinishing the body in black with all his military insignia set in the front of the body and his favorite military sayings and slang written in white on the back. For the insignia he says he’s got some cloth and some metal insignia, so that will be interesting. And my good friend is retired military and he can’t help but use military sayings, slogans, and slang when he talks. So that will be easy to capture.

First I took apart the Behringer guitar today. Not the best foundation in parts, but they’ll work. The disappointing thing is the neck plate. It appears to be about 3 mm smaller than what will fit on the strat guitar body I’ve got laying around.

And I’m not ready to dive into the neck. I think the pre-drilled holes are in the wrong place. If it were my guitar I’d start by re-shaping the back curve of the neck, but I don’t know if he likes that 50’s baseball bat feel. My goal today is to put everything together in it’s raw state for him to try. Then he and I can decide if the neck needs to be reshaped and if the tuning machine holes need to be filled and re-drilled. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Military Insignia Guitar Project begins

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