Second Lesson

Tonight was the second official lesson in my 6 week guitar course…and I only had one student show up. One student had to work late and the other was performing in a play tonight. Reasonable excuses in my book. But what really made the night worth it was that the one student who did come had obviously been practicing. He learned what I had emailed last week and he had obviously been practicing the E and A chords from the first lesson. He even had a blister on his thumb from playing without a pick!

So we went over what he had practiced. I helped him with putting his finger in the middle of the fret markers (not on the fret itself) when he played individual notes. I showed him the proper fingering for the power chords (Smoke on the Water sounds much better with power chords). He was trying to hold down the sixth string with his index finger and the fifth string one too many frets down (a half step too high). We then added the E minor and D add 6 add 9 chords for A Horse With No Name. I then taught him a basic strumming patter and he used it with his two chord progressions (A and E, E minor and D add 6 add 9).  Nothing like a good down, down, down, up, down. He promised to keep practicing 15 to 20 minutes a day with his Dad, spending 5 minutes on chord progressions and there rest of the time on strum patterns and individual note songs.

Overall he was excited and enthusiastic and it was great to see the comprehension in his face as we went over the chords and songs he had learned. Things he had been practicing were making sense. It was a good night!


One thought on “Second Lesson

  1. Loved hearing about the progress! Hope he continues to practice. You sound like a very patient and thoughtful teacher–especially with sending additional material to help your student with the chords.

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