Exploits Inspire

Following the guitar making exploits of damacleod again and, once again, they are inspirational!

He’s building another guitar from scratch, this time a tele body with strat pick up configuration. I lay in bed this morning after waking up too early and could think of little else. Not that I’m obsessing over his project, but it constantly reminds me of the three guitar assembly/build projects I have sitting in my pile of guitar stuff.

I have the parts for three complete guitar builds. One for myself and one for my friend who got me the body blanks. I still have that chunk of wood that needs to be shaped into a guitar body. I want to build a pseudo Rickenbacker 480, but with rounded edges, contoured back, and…my inspiration for this morning, a curved body. I’m thinking the body will curve around like a Vox Virage or a Parker Fly.

But alas, this week will not be the week I start on this project. Perhaps I can get started on the strat project for my friend… we shall see.

Thanks for sharing all your projects damacleod!


3 thoughts on “Exploits Inspire

  1. My pleasure! I’ve building these things just for my own benefit. Seeing someone else get something out of it is a real bonus that I hadn’t expected. Thank you so much for not keeping it to yourself. 🙂

    • Actually, thank you for not keeping it to yourself! I’ve enjoyed all your posts and appreciate the advice you’ve given me on some of my projects (albeit smaller than your projects). Keep up the great work!

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