I cannot express the pleasure I took in playing guitar while my 3 year old played the drums. I wish I had a picture I could post on here. Or even better, a clip or recording of what we played. He is barely three. He grabbed his headphones (ear protection), came to me, asked me for drumsticks, and then asked if I would play the guitar with him.

I plugged in my guitar and we played for almost 3o minutes. He would start a strong beat on the tom tom or snare. I would strum a chord progression to that beat. He would switch between the tom tom, snare, and high hat, then switch between playing two of the three. He would stop and yell for me to stop in time with him. He would start up again and I would start up again.

We made music together and it was wonderful. It wasn’t very good and it wasn’t anything anyone else would probably ever be interested in hearing, but we made it together and we are better for it.


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