Bad Influence again

I was a bad influence again. A coworker and I went to the local guitar shop during our lunch break. I asked the local guitar tech about the cracked finish on the Ibanez AW100. The tech was, once again, very nice and very helpful. He was instantly familiar with the Ibanez Artwood series and didn’t say anything derogatory. It sounds good, but he laughed when I told him what I got it for. He said he should’ve expected that kind of deal hunting from me.

He also said that the cracking on the back was just cosmetic. He said the only concern is if water gets in there, but the wood underneath will be fine. The crack on the neck joint is more sensitive to moisture because of the glue in the neck joint. But it is an easy fix. Just put a strip of clear fingernail polish over it to keep moisture out. If anyone out there in the internet has a different idea, let me know!

Now for the bad influence part. My coworker bought a Boss TU-2. We were looking around and he commented that his next pedal purchase would be a tuner pedal since he was just using his phone right now. He also just bought a Fulldrive dual overdrive and didn’t have any more plugs to power the pedals.

So I asked what they had that could also power his other pedals. They had a used Boss TU-2…and they gave my coworker a great deal…because I was there. Not a bad day.


2 thoughts on “Bad Influence again

    • True, but it’s still money he wasn’t planning to spend. Hopefully he is enjoying the pedal and I didn’t steer him wrong. I should get a report on Tuesday!

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