New Acoustic

Well, new to me. So here are the pictures.

It looks pretty good all strung up (compared to only having three classical guitar strings on it originally). And the gig bag is nice and plush on the inside. I am really liking the sound of it too. It isn’t as boomy on the bass side as I thought it would be, but it also isn’t all treble. To my ears (which aren’t very good mind you), it has a wide mid-range that feels good. But for $20, nothing is perfect.

As far as I can tell, there is no cracking on the inside of the guitar that matches up with the cracks on the outside. Actually, there are no cracks on the inside as far as I can tell.  I hope this means that it is just cracks to the finish.

After looking at it more closely, I did find another crack on one side of where the neck and body come together. I can’t tell if it is also just a surface crack, but I assume something bad happened to this guitar to cause all these blemishes.

The nice thing about it is that I got the whole thing for $20 and it sounds better than I expected. Certainly higher end guitars would sound better, but it is going to be a great instrument to learn to play acoustic on!

And who knows, maybe I’ll learn to make repairs on it too.


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