More Friends

I don’t know how to express my appreciation for my friends. I’ve never had a lot of close friends, but I am getting more as I grow older. Today is a perfect example.  A friend texts me to ask if an Ibanez AW100 is worth $20. I said if the neck and body aren’t cracked, it is worth it for him. And if it’s too much for him, it is worth it for me!

Well, he decided he didn’t want it…but he got it anyway and I paid him back! The previous owner (not my friend, the original seller) had tried to put some classical guitar strings on it and there is some major finish cracks on the back which concern me, but overall the integrity of the guitar seems solid. With a little more research I discovered it was made in August of 1997. It has the chrome tuners instead of the more current gold Grover tuners. I restrung it and it seems to be in great shape.

So add another one to the fold  (first steel string acoustic too) and a huge thanks to my friend! Pictures to come soon.


One thought on “More Friends

  1. That’s a great score for just $20! The AW100 is a good value guitar (for a solid top) when it is sold at list price. For $20 it is just stellar!

    So… how does it sound?

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