Guitar Pedal Dream

I had a bizarre dream last night. I dreamed that a coworker and friend had unloaded his guitar effects pedals at a pawn shop. But not just some old guitar effects, three huge Pedal Train boards with a massive collection of boutique, rare, and amazing guitar pedals. To top it off, I (in my dream) found them at the guitar shop right after he had put them up for sale. He wasn’t just selling a few that he didn’t play, he was selling everything he had.

I (in my dream) rushed around trying to find him to talk him out of this idea or at least try to understand why he was doing this. Turns out he (in my dream) was the guitarist in a famous band in the 90’s and just didn’t play anymore. Plus his significant other had asked him to for a myriad of reasons. Logically I understood what he was telling me, but I was in too much shock at what gear he owned and that he had never shared this with me in all the years we have been working together.

I can’t get across how awesome his pedal boards were (again, note the plural). Think of your dream pedal collection and multiply this by something like a billion! I couldn’t even afford one of his carrying cases, but just to see all these effects and to wonder what kind of music he could make with them had me shocked and saddened that he was giving it all away.

I kept thinking that he needs to just put them in storage and that someday he’ll be inspired to play music again and he’ll regret having given it all up.

I woke with this feeling of desperation and regret. I had to respect my friend’s wishes, but even after writing this, I think I’ll still ask my coworker if he played guitar in the 90’s…


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