Trail of Dead

Had the joy of watching And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead at the Capital Theater Backstage. Good show with only about 100 people in the audience. For those of you who don’t know, the audience stands at the back of the stage and the band plays with their back to the auditorium seating. Basically, the don’t use the auditorium so you get up close with the artists while they play. Very fun!

The band was very relaxed and talking with the audience in a fond manner. Turns out they knew most of the audience members from when they had lived in Olympia. They even added a song at the end of their set that was not on the playlist.

They were a four piece at the show, but different from the group in the video above. And they played the instruments in this version:

According to wiki,  the group I saw last night was: Conrad Keely, Jason Reece, Autry Fulbright II, and Jamie Miller. I got the impression Miller hadn’t played the song in a while. It was fun to watch each of them try to remember their parts and then put them all together. It was fun!

Of the opening bands, I most enjoyed Follow That Bird.

They have a different bass player now (or he dyed his hair red). He had this awesome short scale bass that I wanted to ask him about, but felt a bit embarrassed to so obviously geek out on his gear. It looked like some 60’s Japanese made instrument like my ’68 Teisco Del Rey.


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