Feedback Loop

Went to my local guitar shop’s parking lot sale today. Man, did I score! First, I got a cheap economy hard shell case for my next guitar project, but more importantly, I think  it fits my Warmoth project guitar!  I also got some power supply cables that will work between my Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus and my pedals. You may recall when I got the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus at a local thrift store for $5, it only had a couple of the original power supply cables. I made some, but these seem much more sturdy. I also got a 3 inch guitar cable for connecting two pedals.  I got some string sets for 99 cents…not the best, but the price is right! I also got a yamaha acoustic sound hole cover for free. Nice way to avoid feedback on an acoustic-electric guitar on the stage (assuming the acoustic-electric guitar is plugged into the PA).

And finally, the score of the day: I got an OhNoHo ChkChkBoom momentary feedback effects pedal with the Joy Button. I assumed it didn’t work since it was in the same bin as all the old cables and stuff for under $5, but hoped it would be a good pedal enclosure and parts for my planned effects loop pedal.  It may still be the future parts of an effects loop (sorry ohnoho), but I will play with it first!


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