I must admit that I had some great blog entry ideas earlier today. But instead of acting on them right away I went into the kitchen and cut up an apple for my daughter and I to share.

It’s nap time here and everyone else is asleep in the house. I may play unplugged, but I’d really like to play fully amplified and with full  effects. Alas, that shall not be.

However, life is good. Life is grand. I have a family I care for and they care for me. I have safety and health. Two very fragile things.

I just finished reading the Exes by Pagan Kennedy. It was a very quick read. It is:

a hip and hilarious tour of today’s rock ‘n’ roll world. The Exes, an up-and-coming indie band, is made up of people who used to be lovers. Progressing from jam sessions in a basement to second-rate clubs to a cross-country tour that requires them to share seedy hotel rooms – with their exes – the four band members reveal their quirks, their problems, and their fantasies in alternating narratives.

That’s according to the paragraph on the back of the book. And it is a pretty good description of the book considering how cheesy the paragraph sounds now that I read it back to myself. I really liked how the musical evolution of the band was described, but what I most liked about the book was how you saw these events from four different points of view. Too often we as the audience see the front -man or front-woman of the band, maybe the lead guitarist, as the only version of the band. Especially in the press. But each member is an individual. Each person is a part of the band. It is not just one person, even if it looks that way (I’m talking to you, Weezer). This book nicely describes each band member as a “real” person.

For anyone who’s read my blog you’ll know I’ve only been in a few bands, if they even qualify as that. My law school band was just a way to have fun and blow off steam. The Breakfast Club never got past one and a half songs. The latest efforts with a family friend haven’t materialized into a practice for over two months. Perhaps this is the normal band process.  Perhaps this is how it always works. Perhaps I’m more like the characters in this book than I know.

The book also describes the conflicts and alternate views between the members in the band and it didn’t sound too foreign. Maybe its just the whole “exes” aspect of the band, but a band sounds like any other long term relationship between people. It is never perfect. It is constantly changing. It is always work to keep it functioning. The unfortunate thing about it is that people are imperfect and immature and don’t communicate.  I don’t need to read a fictional book to remind myself of that. That is what life is all about. So I love reading about characters that are developed and interesting, but I get even more frustrated with these same characters’ stupid decisions and miscommunications.

So check the book out if you get a chance, but you can also just live life with other people and get the same story. Just try talking more and try understanding those around you rather than getting so focused on yourself.

That’s what I’m trying to do.

p.s. Just ignore all my past blog entries…


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