New Songs to Learn

I spent a good chunk of my evening trying to figure out a list of songs. One of the teenage girl classes from church will be having a weeknight activity at our house where my wife and I will teach them one song on guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. They’ll take turns singing. The goal is that they will be able to play it as a band by the end of the night.

That’s right, we’ll teach a bunch of teenage girls who don’t know how to play any instruments how to play one song as a rock band in an hour and a half. They were tasked with picking songs and I said I would whittle them down to something I could figure out how to teach.  So the two finalists are:

I’m leaning toward the Beatles, but it may be a bit more complicated to teach than the Harry and the Potters. Both songs really only have three chord progressions that you use over and over. Yet, the Harry and the Potters three chord progressions are really just two chords each. I think it will depend on whether the girls have more musical talent than I do…


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