Time Flies

Wow. It’s amazing how time flies. It’s been a week since my last post (gosh, this is starting to sound like a confession), but really I’ve just been living life. After the kind words in a comment on one of my last entries (which was echoed by my wife this week), I have decided to not beat myself up on this blog about not practicing enough and not playing the guitar more. Well, that’s what most of my blog ideas were about this week, so I didn’t post any.

But this blog entry isn’t about beating myself up. It’s about time and priorities. I’ve been insanely busy at home and at work with projects, friends, and family. Yet none of this is really bad. And the time has flown.

On Wednesday of this week my wife and I got a babysitter for the kids and had a pleasant date night (we were home by 8:30 so the babysitter could  get home before 9:00…it was a school night after all). We ended up going to the library and digging through their music. I found the latest Weezer album, which I haven’t listened to, not to mention purchased. We then drove around town talking and listening to the music we had checked out from the library.  We got:

  • Jimmy Rogers “Blue Bird”
  • Blues Guitar Women compilation
  • The Beatles “Love”
  • The Greenhornes “Sewed Soles” (my wife thought I would like this and she was right!)
  • The Weeds AKA The Lollipop Shoppe
  • The Sadies “Tremendous Efforts”
  • William Elliott Whitmore “Animals in the Dark”
  • The Bees “Free the Bees”
  • Yo La Tengo “I am not afraid of you I will beat you’re a$$”
  • Weezer “Hurley”
  • Kings of Leon “Only by the Night”

On my way to work today I finally finished listening to the Weezer album. I must admit, River’s voice lessons have really changed his singing style and some of the songs felt like they could have been written by/for Avril Lavigne, but the last track pretty much sums up the general feeling I’ve had lately. Not that I’ve done any of the things described in the lyrics, but time flies.  However, it flies when you’re busy, not just having fun. And that is what time will continue to do because I don’t see things getting less busy. My hope is that I will be busy doing things I want to do.  Whether that’s playing guitar or on a date with my wife, it doesn’t really matter.


2 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I love the idea of a date night at the library. Such a cool thing to do. And coming home with a load of great music too? That sounds a lot like win/win to me.

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