Have you ever found out that a friend has been learning to play the guitar for the last year and you had no idea?

Apparently I have.

So we started talking about what he is learning and what he wants to play. He said he got a book and dvd that is teaching him to read music and play single notes through the fretboard. He is interested in playing chords, but feels like he will get a bigger pay off if he puts the time in now to learn this stuff. I agree with him…to a point.

I asked him how often he plays/practices. An hour a day.

Holy Cow! That’s awesome. So I suggested he mix up his single note, scale stuff with chords every third day just to start to get the basic fingerings and chord changes down.

Then we started talking about electric guitars. He said when he’s worthy, he wants to get a Gibson ES-339. Nice guitar.

When will he be worthy? When he can play this:

That’s pretty cool.

So don’t be afraid to talk to your friends. They may surprise you…or make you feel very foolish for not paying closer attention.


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