Troubled Waters

Get it? Get it? Like a bridge…over troubled waters? Bridge? Like guitar bridge? As in the bridge on my Epiphone 1965 G-400 with maestro vibrato. Ya, probably funnier in my mind when I thought it up earlier this morning.
Awkward pause.
Anyway…I took my guitar in to my local guitar shop and showed the guitar tech my fear. He chuckled and then showed me how the holes in the bridge that the posts go through are made a little to big so there is some play. The posts weren’t moving, just the bridge. He then explained how these vibrato tailpieces and the Bigsby vibratos do this to these standard bridges. He said that roller bridge saddles work best, but that my cheap Graph Tech bridge saddles would be better than the current set up.
Oh sweet relief! All the horror stories of plugging the posts and redrilling post holes left my mind. Thank you local guitar shop tech. Your friendship and advice is always greatly appreciated!


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