Bridge Concerns

Thanks to Karl at Guitar for Worship for the kind words about my blog. Greatly appreciate them at a time when things are stressful and somewhat out of control. Nothing bad, just busy.

I did play the guitar last night. My practice did not go well, but I still had a good time. This whole playing a steady bass note with your thumb goal/resolution while playing the melody with your fingers is very hard!

Before calling it a night I got my Epiphone 1965 G-400 with Maestro tremolo out to look at what I need to do to put on the new Graph Tech bridge saddles. I played it a bit and then used the Maestro tremolo and the entire bridge appears to rock back and forth when I do.

Oh no! Is this normal? Is this bad? It can’t be good! So I’m going to try to take it by my local guitar shop and get the opinion of the guitar tech. I feel like a nervous parent taking my kid to the doctor because something is wrong with my kid, but I’m not sure how serious it is (and anyone with kids has done this). But I feel a little silly since this is (technically) an inanimate object.


3 thoughts on “Bridge Concerns

  1. Actually, your bridge should rock back and forth with the tremolo some, this will help it stay in tune more readily.

    • So I’m curious, should I put the graphtech saddles on this guitar with the tremolo or should I put them on my hardtail with the same bridge?

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