Tried to Play

Tried to play, or more appropriately, too tired to play. I took my guitar off the wall at work yesterday to play. I was tired, but I had a good 20 minutes of free time and I really wanted to play. I strummed some chords. I worked on a song intro I’ve started learning from I played some scales. I did some little blues solo thing. And the entire time I just kept getting more relaxed.

So I put my guitar back on the wall. Turned off my office light. Leaned my chair all the way back. And took a 10 minute nap. I awoke feeling refreshed and ready for the afternoon. Yes, I missed out on playing the guitar. Yes, I did not pick it back up the rest of the day. But I remained focused through the afternoon and was more effective than if I had just played guitar and been tired all afternoon.

Now I’m curious. Has anyone else run into this struggle between other responsibilities and their desire to do something fun? Have you not done the fun thing, but still felt ok about it at the end of the day?


6 thoughts on “Tried to Play

    • True, although I find that my lunch time guitar playing relaxes me to such a degree that I am often more tired than energized. Which I do regret from time to time. Sometimes a short power nap is more invigorating. But sometimes it just feels good to stick it to the man and play the guitar!

  1. This is a battle for me all the time. If all the girls are napping at once, I really, really want to enjoy my alone time by doing something I love like watching TV (I know that’s not productive) or sewing or something else. But the battle can be that I’m so tired I don’t think I’ll be able to make it through the afternoon so I take a nap, but then I miss out on doing more fun things.

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