The Joy Formidable – Effects

Last night my wife and I saw The Joy Formidable play Seattle. Fantastic show!

Sorry about the out of focus picture. I was using my phone.  I’ll post more when I’ve had a good night’s sleep, but here is the line of effects as far as I can tell:

  • Boss TU-2 (or 3) Tuner (top row)
  • MXR M-108 10-band EQ
  • Powered by a power strip and a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
  • Line 6 DM4 distortion (middle row)
  • Line 6 FM4 synth modeler
  • Boss TR-2 Tremolo
  • Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
  • ElectroHarmonix Micro POG (bottom row)
  • Boss LS-2 Line Selector
  • Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ
  • Boss DD-7 (or 5) Digital Delay
  • Boss DD-7 (or 5) Digital Delay
  • Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ
  • Line 6 Verbzilla (or Echo Park, I can’t tell)
  • Into what looked like an ElectroHarmonix Holy Grail sitting on top of a
  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (not the Deluxe III since it had the “Fender Deluxe” name plate on the front) 1×12 40 Watt with channel selector and drive/more drive footswitch

I’m not sure about the actual model numbers of all the Boss pedals, but this is my best guess. I’ll say it again, the show was fantastic!


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