2×12 jury rig cab complete

Well, it is done! I have turned a junk combo guitar amp cabinet into a basic 2×12 guitar speaker cabinet that looks pretty ghetto (according to my wife).

But I don’t actually know if it works. I finished putting it all together last night about 1 a.m., so I haven’t actually tested it yet. I hope that everything is still in one piece on the inside. I don’t think I did anything bad, but we’ll see.

As you can see, I got the jacks to fit in the back piece of plywood. I had to drill out about half of the plywood with a 1 inch drill bit. Then expand the hole in the 1 inch recess with a 7/16th inch drill bit.  I first did this on a piece of scrap plywood. Then I did it on the actual piece of wood I had cut out for the back of the cabinet.  I did fine on the first hole, but then “thinned” it a bit too much.

So I had to cut a new back piece of plywood. I was able to successfully make two recessed spots for the jacks.

So here it is right before assembly late last night after having finished all the pieces earlier in the day.

I may take it apart and paint the plywood black, but I’ll enjoy it as is for a while…assuming it works.


4 thoughts on “2×12 jury rig cab complete

    • My wife suggested the diamond plating too, but I want to keep the weight down! As you’ve probably noticed from the pace of this project, any changes won’t happen very quickly!

      • Considering I only have 40 dollars into this project (including the cost of the drivers), it will be whatever I can find. But I will be checking my local thrift shops for some vinyl. We’ll see what I can find!

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