2×12 delay

Unfortunately, I don’t mean delay, as in the effect. I mean delay in finishing the 2×12 cabinet project. I finally realized that my 1/4 inch jacks won’t fit through the 3/8 inch plywood. So I’m off to find some sort of metal or plastic plate I can use. But that will mean cutting a hole for that plate…which I don’t know when I’m going to be able to do.

Or I could use a small piece of 1/4 inch ply wood that I know the jacks will fit. Hmmm.

I also put the last cleat in for the front hole cover. I had to take out the drivers so I could use the drill inside the cabinet, but everything is ready to be put together (except the jacks). Should I paint the 3/8 inch plywood covers black or leave them in their natural stained and dirty wood form?Remember, this is scrap wood and a jury rigged 2×12 cabinet. A can of mat black spray paint would make it less obvious, but it isn’t going to look very nice either way. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “2×12 delay

  1. In your position, i@d be tempted to do as little cutting to the original cabinet, because I think, longer term, this is going to make an excellent home for an amp project. Can you not mount the speaker jacks into the new closed back you’re adding? If so, rather than trying to fit a speaker jack plate you could just thin down the ply by drilling something like a 1/8″ deep, 1″ diameter hole.

    • That is a great idea! I was not thinking of putting any new holes in the original cabinet, but thanks for the justification (and the future project idea). I was merely being lazy rather than smart (didn’t want to cut or drill through the thicker original cabinet wood when the new closed back plywood is so thin). I have limited tools, so I’ll have to figure out how to thin the ply, but that would work. The only 1 inch drill bit I have access to looks like some sort of Klingon bird of prey. It has a big center triangle and two teeth on the edges of the paddle. I think I could make a 1/8″ deep hole with a hole in the center and a deeper ring around the edge. As you’ve probably noticed, I have no real wood working skills and am doing all of this for the first time. I’ll test it on a scrap piece of the plywood. Thanks again for the idea!
      I really appreciate the feedback and help.

      • That drill bit is the perfect tool for the job! And testing on a piece of scrap is a great idea too!

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