Spring Reverb Potential

In taking apart the Raven RG100 I presume I have stumbled upon a spring reverb.

Knowing nothing about the actual mechanics (other than the fact that a spring is involved), I may try to put this spring reverb apparatus into an enclosure and turn it into an effects pedal with a foot switch. Hee hee. This could be fun! We’ll see what happens with this little potential project.


2 thoughts on “Spring Reverb Potential

  1. Very cool idea and I’m looking forward to seeing out how this one turns out. I’ve long fancied building one myself. I don’t think it is as simple as just plugging in an input at one end and an output at the other. Because the spring is connected to a coneless speaker at one end and a mic at the other, it does need to be fed some sort of amplified signal, so you may need to scavenge the reverb preamp section out of the RG100 to give it a signal it can work with. Keep us updated!

    • I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot about how spring reverbs actually work once I get started on this project…but that will take time, which seems to be a luxury right now with work, family, and other responsibilities. Thanks for the supportive words and the technical tips. Gives me hope!

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