2×12 project

This evening I began dismantling the Raven RG100 I got out of the dumpster from my local guitar shop. The speakers are gone and I assume it doesn’t work at all. I want to finish taking out the guts, throw in the two Ampeg 12 inch drivers I’ve got, and turn it into a 2×12 speaker cabinet until I have found some wood to build a closed cabinet for these two 12 inch drivers/speakers.

I tried to put the two drivers in, but the Raven’s mounting screws were not equi-distance. They must be in some proprietary configuration. Only two were directly across from each other, so I took out the rest and used those two to put the drivers in the cabinet. There is a lot of open space in this cabinet now that I’ve also removed the amp. It is an open back, so I may cut out some plywood to make it closed back.

The one cool thing I found inside the amp was a spring reverb. Maybe I’ll take that out and put it in a pedal!

Only now I’m wondering just how bad the Raven RG100 is broken before I truly trash it. The only problem is I can’t find any information online about what ohms the speakers need to be for the 100 watt amp. Oh, and the other problem is that I can’t figure out what wattage the Ampeg 12 inch drivers are rated for. I know the Ampeg 12 inch drivers are 16 ohms. I know that the speaker out on the Raven RG100 is 4 ohms, but what ohms rating were the combo cabinet speakers. Raven’s user manual is not very helpful and I haven’t found any blogs or discussion groups with more detail. I’m hoping to at least find someone who replaced the speakers in one and described it online, but haven’t yet.

I’ll get pictures soon!


6 thoughts on “2×12 project

    • Thanks! I saw that too. So I’m going with the assumption that the internal speakers were also 4 ohm like the external speaker jack, but I was hoping to verify this before trying to test the amp with my speakers. Also, I don’t know if the two speakers were wired in series or parallel.
      Projects with electricity still scare me so I’m taking it slow!

  1. I think it is a fairly safe assumption that the internal pair were 4 ohm too – probably 2 x 8 ohm wired in parallel. The other consideration is that it is OK to run an amp into higher inductance speakers. With the 2 x 16 ohm wired in parallel you should be fine.

    • As soon as I get some solder, I’m wiring it up and trying it out!
      The other thought I had was to take my 1×12 speaker with the 8 ohm rating, connect it in parallel to the 2×12 speaker (two 16 ohm drivers in parallel makes it 8 ohm), which would make the two speaker cabinets 4 ohms.
      Then I’ll just keep the volume low so the 100 watts doesn’t overwhelm everything (if that is how it works). Thanks for the help!

  2. the raven rg100 comes with two 8 ohm speakers wired in parrel to get 4 ohms…the white wire coming from the amp is hot+…the black wire is ground_…this is important because i have two of these and one came wired backwards ..after that was fixed they both sound great….that reverb is made by ruby tubes and sounds real good ..dont let its small size fool you! i play these amps as a pro constantly with no issues but the out of phase issue that i remeded …..hope this helps……daboogieman

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