Friends again

My friend who got  me the body blanks has made me the target of his generosity once more. He recently purchased a Snark tuner. When he had gotten it he brought it over and showed me how it worked. He is getting back into guitar playing and is just “tickled” by all the new guitar technology out there.

So last night he stopped by again and gave me his Snark tuner. He had upgraded and figured I was the person he knew best who would use it. Wow! Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Friends again

  1. Very cool. I recently heard a guitar tech extolling these, particularly for use on stage.

    I fancied seeing if I could cobble one of these together with a capo. It is always clamped on the guitar head anywat – why not put it to work?

    • The capo idea has to be out there…I’m just too lazy to look right now.
      As for this tuner, I’ve used it twice now. First I used it on my epiphone G-400 I keep at work. It worked well, but I was surprised how out of tune I was. Well, the guitar wasn’t out of tune, it was just tuned down a whole step. Opps!
      Then I tried it on my kids’ little acoustic and it worked even better. I was able to get this guitar in very good shape very quickly. I will be using it more often because it is easy to use, easy to see, and quick. I haven’t tried it on my Wolverine or Warmoth guitars, but I will soon!

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