Jazz and Pop

On the way home from fencing tonight I heard “The Way You Look Tonight” by Joe Pass from his Blues for Fred album. It’s just him on guitar and the arrangement is fantastic! I couldn’t find it on youtube, but I recommend you track it down for listening.

Months ago a coworker and I were talking about guitar. I commented that I basically just bash out blues and punk songs and he talked about how we all end up at jazz eventually. I agreed to some extent, but didn’t say anything out loud. It seems to me that jazz really explores sound and mood and everything else that is wrapped up in music. Sure, there is great music in a lot of different genres and there is some bad jazz, but jazz really seems to explore rather than try to capture. Capturing a feeling seems to be more of a pop music thing.

If that makes any sense at all.

Anyway, hearing this performance tonight was a great mix of pop culture and jazz exploration. It was approachable. It was technically proficient. And it was what I like. So, fellow coworker who is working on his jazz licks, thank you for the reminder…even if it took me a couple months (maybe its even been a year) to get the point.


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