Online Guitar Lesson

Having used up all my luck this year, I won six months of free lessons from I have already written about it a few times, but I am enjoying it. There are a lot of lesson available and at numerous skill levels. What I am having difficulty with is figuring out what skill level I am at. The lessons I have tried are in the level 3 or 4 range (out of 10). Some parts of the lesson are very easy and some parts are very difficult.

Now this seems like a normal thing, but the feeling I have is that some of the easy stuff to me is some of the more challenging parts of the lesson and some of the hard stuff to me is some of the easier parts of the lesson. Like I don’t have certain fundamental skills, but I have developed a few advanced skills.

I’m sure every guitarist (or musician or any person performing a hobby) have things they are better at and things they aren’t as good at doing. But after last night’s experience with the “muted strings rhythm guitar lesson” I have decided to start at the very beginning. I’m going back to the basic series of lessons for someone who has never played the guitar before. Building from there will hopefully fill in the gaps that I have developed through my haphazard learning process so far.


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