New Band part II

The new band made up of me, the wife, and Her Lovely Trees got together this evening. We played through more of our friend’s songs, this time adding two in which she plays piano.  She also added a harmonica, which really changed the vibe on some of the songs we did last time. One song used to be very uptempo and we played it very slowly. With the harmonica it took on a very haunting and beautiful feel.

I also used my pedal board this time and got a lot more ambient sounds using my delay, tremolo, and reverb pedals combined with my volume pedal. When I picked the right notes, it sounded really good. And when I didn’t, well, it didn’t. There was one song where the tempo of the tremolo synced up with the tempo of the song and it sounded awesome. I can see why tape tempo on many effects would be so helpful in a live music setting.

I also ended up using the bypass on my Boss TU-2 tuner pedal so I could see what notes I was playing as I played them. I would use the volume pedal to kill the volume to the amp, play a note, make sure it was what I wanted, and then use the volume pedal to send the note to the amp. It worked pretty well and minimized my screw ups, but it was slow going.

So our friend and I decided to record some of her songs and write down the chords. I’ll then practice on my lunch breaks and develop some little riffs and ambient sounds so I know the songs better and won’t sound so off key. Well, I won’t sound so off key as often.

We also broke out my bass and I played that too. My wife played drums and we had a great time. We both agreed that we like her songs and we really enjoy playing along, but we are definitely the backing band and our friend is the real talent! We started the night with some stir fry and fish dish and ended the night with rice pudding with mango. Oh, and we all agreed to practice at least every other week!  And our friend threatened to get us some gigs… My wife is skeptical (and a little excited), but I’m so excited!


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